Artist’s statement

In my works I analyse the transience of human life. It documents the moments that accompany man at every stage of his inner development and the emotions associated with real-life departure.

I am fascinated by the passage of time, which is an inevitable aspect of our lives. Every day we live through is history and our body, thoughts and feelings change with every moment. We are transforming ourselves, we are melting in space in order to appear in a different reality, spiritual and also real, but not understood by us at the moment.

Particles of humanity wander in my works and form different compositions. They come and go, stop for a split second but then move on and on. It is not a process of sadness and passing and being lost in space.

It is a path of transformation, soaked in colors and emotions, a path that shows the beauty of life and physical passing away, which speaks of a continuum of existence and infinite energy that is a source of fulfilment and joy.

The works created recently have become more personal and expressive. There is no place or time to put away emotions. I feel it now and I am saying it now, I am showing myself and I am not compromising. External subjects have become less important, the internal energy of the Self and my creative manifesto is a conscious artistic activity, the pursuit of a living transmission of thought.

The fear of loneliness, anxiety and inner suffering because of the unknown future have been expressed in the cycle „My Souls”. The individual has been split into many parts, broken and disjointed by the environment, the instability of fate, and the uncertainty of tomorrow. The soul is a whole, but it is made up of parts flowing, floating, moving towards light and great consciousness.

My souls, my molecules are connected by the pain of meetings and partings, friendship and enmity between people. They are one, one entity, but the experiences of life have caused scratches and scrapes unfulfilled hopes and expectation, dreams, have shattered this entity into many parts and luminous particles. . . .

I paint on fabric, using traditional batik, I create works that speak about the mental and physical condition of man and his relationship with the environment too.

To convey a thought, I create spatial installations out of wool, metal frames and fabric.

The state of awareness of being in the moment and time engages us to go deeper into experiencing each fleeting moment. We are even forced to analyze the structure of our physicality from the point of view of matter augmented and transformed by our senses. Body, mind, emotions, spirit, thoughts. . . all transferred to an unreal dimension. A small shape, a color, a line, a crack defines us and describes us most fully.